Pomegranate Cherry

$28.00 USD


Urban renewal for modern life.

Flavors: Pomegranate Cherry, Citrus Prickly Pear, Goji Berry
Comes in a 12 count case. Bottles are 16.9 oz each.

There’s nothing like it. City living is nonstop—so much to do, so much to experience. But it takes its toll, doesn’t it? Along with environmental toxins, you can really start to feel run down.

function:® Urban Detox® contains a proprietary blend of powerful ingredients to help your body restore itself and get you back in the mix. Derived from cactus, Prickly Pears give you a fresh start, while reducing feelings of dehydration. N-acetyl cysteine helps protect the liver’s ability to detoxify and improve liver function.

So play hard, work hard, and let Urban Detox keep you feeling happy and healthy.

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