Function: Urban Detox $28.00

Function: Urban Detox

You are a city warrior. You jog in the smog and party on work nights. As a result of your noble escapades, you are easily run down. Function: Urban Detox contains a proprietary blend of powerful ingredients designed to help your body restore and get you ready to go back into battle. Prickly Pear...
Function: Light Weight $28.00

Function: Light Weight

Ignite your body's natural metabolism and calorie burn ability with a formula featuring antioxidant catechins EGCG and gymnema, plus polygonum cuspidatum (a plant rich in resveratrol). Comes in a 12 count case. Bottles are 16.9 oz each. Only available in Acai Pomegranate flavor.
Function: WATER (electrolyte enhanced, vapor distilled) $27.00 - $47.00

Function: WATER (electrolyt...

Recharge your cells, hydrate your body and keep your muscles and nervous system working properly with this electrolyte-infused, vapor-distilled water. Comes in two sizes: 1L (12 bottles per case), and 750mL (24 bottles per case)